Hey there! I’m Mel. A 26-year-old military wife and “professional patient,” running through life; sometimes physically, always mentally/emotionally/spiritually.

Not too many months ago I thought I had life all figured out and that things were perfect – awesome marriage, going to school for my dream job (nursing), and a great community of friends and family. Then, a chronic illness called endometriosis and associated chronic pelvic pain rocked my world upside down. On top of that, I found out my military husband was being transferred.

This blog is just a piece of my story, as I attempt to slug through the medical community in an unfailing quest for healing, and my journey halfway across the country. It’s definitely interesting; sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always hopeful.

As I tackle big changes and painful times, I hold onto the fact that sticking through the tough times leads to gloriously high times which make it ALL worth it.

So here’s to the tough times and the high times and all the times between.

Welcome to my journey.

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