My Dirty Secret

And by ‘dirty’ I mean clean.

I’m a closet perfectionist. It’s true. You wouldn’t know it by looking at my house, or my life, but deep inside I’m the most Type-A perfectionist there ever was. I need organization. I need structure. I need a plan. If I don’t have these things, my brain is a useless mass of neurons. So. I’m a perfectionist but don’t look like one. What does this mean? I’m a procrastinating perfectionist who is so afraid of not having things perfect and in order that I freeze up and don’t accomplish anything. If I don’t think I have the time or capability to accomplish a task the way I think it ought to be, I don’t even attempt it. Until it’s like, the day before something needs to be done and I have a fire under my tushy.

This is a frustrating problem.

So I was blog-surfing earlier (while I was procrastinating, of course) and came across this blog, which led me to this blog, which finally led me to this post: Tips for Dealing with Procrastination. That’s ME!!! I can relate to every single thing in this post… “A procrastinator will do anything to avoid the dreaded task, sometimes even “mindless habits” like checking email, watching TV, or getting lost on the internet.” Check. “I procrastinate the most when I think I might fail.” Check. So what now? Laura had some great tips that I’m definitely going to try to implement because I’m going to drive myself crazy if I keep this up.

What do you do to get started or get motivated? Are you a perfectionist-procrastinator? Or an easygoing accomplisher of tasks? If the latter, HELP!

OK, well I’m off to go accomplish some stuff.
… in like, five minutes. 😉


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