Eat, Sleep, Nurse

My life right now consists of:

Nursing school.

I attend nursing class or clinicals all day, study nursing each night, study nursing all weekend, think about nursing while I’m “relaxing” and trying NOT to think about the nursing homework I should probably be doing. Oh, and I dream about nursing all night. Seriously, I’m not even a nurse yet and I’m literally having these crazy nursing dreams every night. Last night I dreamed I was performing clinicals at a hospital, taking care of some really sick people, one of whom was one of my instructors (no pressure, right?). I went to ambulate her and then she got up on this chair (no idea why, or why I let her) and FELL. I DROPPED one of my sick instructors! I almost died, and then woke-up. Phew! A few nights ago I dreamed my instructor was expecting me to do things beyond my level as a student and I stood up in the middle of class and screamed “I’m not READY to save a life!!!!!” 🙂

Seriously, despite the crazy dreams and the fact that my mind and body are owned by the nursing program right now, I’m really enjoying it! I mean, three tests and a clinical in one week isn’t exactly easy or fun, but I’m doing really well **insert happy dance here** and I’m really amazed by all the knowledge that I’m gaining. I feel like I didn’t learn ANYthing in my first degree (Graphic Design). I didn’t care about any of my gen-eds and all my major-specific courses were art. I feel like I just did really cool arts-and-crafts for four years. I’m not saying it wasn’t interesting or fun, but it was all self-taught and I don’t think it furthered me as a person. Now I’m actually gaining essential information that will form the foundation of my professional career (not to mention the fact that this info will help me in my daily life).

Pretty cool, huh?

Well, that’s all I got for now, guess I’ll go do some homework and try not to kill anyone in my dreams tonight. 🙂


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  1. #1 by Kayla on February 9, 2011 - 7:19 am

    Oh my gosh, I know what you mean about not feeling like your previous education really got you anywhere. That’s sort of how I feel about all the countless hours I spent in the classroom for my El Ed program.

    Until I got into the “real world” of the internships and student teaching, nothing I was learning was doing any good. Now, however, my kids and lessons are pretty much all I think about. But it’s a good thing, and it shows how passionate you are for your future career! And good for you for looking on the bright and positive side of things, rather than bitching about how busy your life is.

    One day it’ll all be worth it, and when you go to “ambulate” your patients, you’ll definitely not drop them 😀

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