Did you miss me?

I’ve been taking a little hiatus from the blogosphere to live life without feeling tied to the computer. Don’t we all need that sometimes? Here’s a glimpse into what I’ve been up to since my last post:

First, J & I hopped on the motorcycle for a whirlwind trip to Louisiana and back in 5 days (2 days down, 1 day there, 2 days home)!

While J spent the Louisiana day in Baton Rouge watching the LSU game for his college best friend’s bachelor party, I toured around Lafayette with my awesome in-laws. First stop: Lafayette’s annual Boudin Cookoff!

They had every kind of Boudin cooked every kind of way you can imagine. If you’ve never had Boudin, it’s a spicy meat/rice mixture stuffed into a sausage casing which you then eat out of the casing. It’s one of my very favorite uniquely Cajun foods. I went to the cook0ff with my mom-, sis-, and bro-in-law, and my little niece Lilly.

The rest of the day we got some fro-yo, did some shoppin, cooked dinner together, watched the LSU game, and made Lilly laugh. Isn’t she just the cutest darn baby EVER? I’m one proud Auntie. 😀











She’s just so stinkin’ sweet!

So after our quick, and super-fun trip, it was two long days on the bike back home to the grind of work and school. Until… J called me up last week when I got off work and said “Hey, we have these birds over here by my office, want to come see?” And I said “Uh… sure?” SO glad I went out there, check this out:

The base employs these guys from USDA to maintain the bird population around the airfield so jets don’t crash / get broken / guys get hurt due to bird strikes. It’s imperative that they keep animals away from the flight line so they’re constantly trapping awesome birds like these: A great horned owl and a red-tailed falcon. Aren’t they AMAZING? They are gorgeous (and powerful!) birds. The guys trap them and then release them a couple hundred miles away. I was so excited that I got to go see these, let alone hold them! It was way cool.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ve been up to! I vow to post a little more regularly now. To be completely honest, one of the reasons I hadn’t been spending much time online is because I was reeeeally anxious, waiting to find out if I got accepted to the UCM nursing program or not. For about two weeks I was running out to the mailbox constantly, dying to know if my acceptance letter was in there or not. FINALLY, after weeks of torture, I got my letter. And it said… I MADE IT IN!!!!!!!! Y’all have no idea how insanely happy this makes me, because for a year and a half I’ve been taking pre-nursing classes and waiting for this day. 🙂 I’ll start the 2-year program in January 2011 and graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing – RN in December 2012. Woo-hoo!!! I can’t WAIT. It’s going to be super challenging in so many ways but I’m excited for the day that I can use my skills to help people.
On that happy note, I’ll wrap this up for the day.
Until next time y’all…

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