Running Lessons

There are many lessons to be learned from running: dedication, determination, and perseverance to name a few. As I continue trying to live holistically – incorporating physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects – I’ve applied many running lessons to the remainder of my life.

Today, as I was doing some October goal setting and taking a hard look at my priorities, I was inspired by this post. Since I’ve been maintaining my physical fitness consistently for about four months now, I started thinking about how well I’ve been maintaining my finances. I’m just not too impressed with how wisely I’ve been spending my blessings lately. So I added some financial goals to my October list, as well as some long-term savings goals.

Here are some examples from my list:
– Save a total of $X in the bank account
– Limit the spending of “fun” money by:
Planning and cooking all but one, maybe two, meals each week. More nutritious & delicious & saves $$.
Limiting money spent on clothes to one to two items per month, not exceeding $X
– Save $X to buy a car outright for J when his wears out (nearing 150K miles on his already!)
– Use part of “fun” money savings to make charitable gifts
– Save ahead for kids
– Save up for a great vacation before kids

I spent a lot of time thinking this out, and I’m really looking forward to following through. To motivate me, I printed out pictures representing each of my goals and posted them on my bathroom mirror to remind me of the long term and what’s worth saving for. To inspire me on the clothing limit I made a list of practical, classic pieces that I can choose from when it’s time to go shopping. I’m pretty excited about running in my financial life as well as I do on the pavement. Having goals definitely makes the whole process seem more fun!

As far as running on the pavement goes, I’m back in the groove and feeling GREAT! I’ve logged 6.27 miles over the last three days and have really enjoyed it. I’ve gotten to the point that a run can actually be relaxing for me now, instead of work. Today I was able to zone out and enjoy my music, the breeze, and the sound of my feet crunch-crunch-crunching along the asphalt. Aaaaah. Deep breaths and relaxation. Doesn’t get much better than that. I think running has also been a little more enjoyable for me lately since I decided to take a break from races for a while. I still have race goals, and found myself looking up 10K training plans today (yikes!), but for the time being I just want to run for fun, for the pure enjoyment of it. That fact alone gives me a whole new perspective.

How do you manage your financial fitness? Any tips or tricks for living frugally and meeting financial goals?

  1. #1 by tylergraham on October 12, 2010 - 11:14 pm

    Here’s a funny metaphor to add to yours. Yesterday I went out running with my dad, I think it was about 2 miles or so. I was feeling worked, but okay. On the last leg up our street (about .1 miles) I challenged my dad to sprinting (racing). Well, I put all my effort I had into it, and beat him. (he was right behind me) About five minutes later I puked my guts out and felt miserable, and he had already mostly recovered and was ready to make dinner. I am looking forward to the time where running can be enjoyable instead of work. Keep it up, and great ideas.

    • #2 by seemelrun on October 13, 2010 - 4:16 pm

      Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh and the support. You’ll get there, another running lesson is patience… strength and endurance doesn’t happen overnight. Keep it up!!

  2. #3 by Kristy W. on October 13, 2010 - 7:24 am

    I can definitely relate to the financial aspect. Travis and I are horrible with our budget. We need to take some of your goals and adjust them to our own! 🙂 Great to hear to are feeling better!!!

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